5 Tips to Keep Fresh Flowers Happy – The Best Vases & Floral Accessories Updated for 2024

Updated: February 18, 2024

You already know that I am supplementing as much joy and happiness into our home, during our gloomiest months of the year. We are hitting record lows of sunlight this year, and knowingly (& unknowingly) it really takes a toll on us all here on the farm. Part of the supplemental sunshine are ordering flowers online to be delivered to our home regularly. The anticipation and excitement each time a box is left on our door step (even though they are from me), brightens up not just my day, but Jose’s and even Copey’s. I have had quite a few DM’s come across asking about how we take care of our fresh stems each month, and here are some super basic and simple steps to help extend the life and happiness of your flowers, to help bring in as much “sunshine” into your home as possible. You can see the bouquets we have done this year on our Instagram [HERE] & see where we have bought flowers from so far as well.

1-start with clean water in a clean vase & replace the water often. 

2. Trim all of your stems & keep trimming them after a few days to freshen them.

3. Add bleach, vodka, or aspirin to your vase for the different needs of your florals.

4. Feed your flowers with diy or store bought floral food.

5. Keep your vase in indirect light in a cool spot in your home.


Looking for some pretty vases for your bouquets & florals this year? I found some for you…

I rounded up some beautiful vases, floral tools, floral food, books on florals, & more in my “floral board” [HERE] including all of the vases above & much more. I hope this helps you customize your vases even more!!

I will have more tips on different ways we fully enjoy fresh flowers and greenery here on the farm. If you are feeling a little down, even for those not fighting the seasonal depression, think about adding flowers to your spaces from a local farmers market, flower shop, or like us, ordering online to be delivered. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day. It truly means the world to us here on the farm. Keep up with us daily on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, & Pinterest. As always stay cozy!


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