Antique Paint Colors – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Paint Colors – Mora Clock Updated for 2024

Updated: February 17, 2024

Welcome to our new series!! This is a series that we will be sharing on our socials & here on the blog. What is the series? Well, let’s rewind a second. One of our most frequently asked questions is about paint colors on furniture pieces around our farm. The problem? Most of the pieces are antique pieces that we didn’t paint. So this series will be us color matching the pieces around our farm & creating custom colors, finding similar paint colors, & trying to bring you the BEST antique paint colors to use in your cozy cottage farmhouse. Part 2 of the series (of hopefully many many more parts) we are going to another color favorite in our home that is our Antique Mora Clock we purchased a few years ago from White & Faded in UK.

We have a few Mora clocks around the home, and the slightest touch of creamy warmth that is found on this antique mora clock was something that we loved so much we carried the color throughout a two spaces in our home.

I am not sure how many people know this but, if you are color matching you can take your custom color another step by asking for it to be lighter or darker in color. If I am so in love with a color I will usually ask, initially, for a 25% lighter variation & 25% darker variation sample of the original color. What seems like the most subtle adjustment has a massive change in the end result and I want to make explore all my options, because each room casts different and represents the color differently. We have this custom color match from the Mora clock painted on our kitchen cabinets, as well as, our library built-ins, window trim, baseboards, and faux beams.

These are the custom colors we came up with for you to bring this cozy color into your home:

Since custom colors rarely hit identical to an already established color set, I like to ask what two colors does this custom color get close to in the system. Behr said this color was really close to “Coliseum Marble” primarily, with “Unmarked Trail,” a close second.

Here are the two colors our custom color match fell between from the more popular paint brands

Coliseum Marble PPU8-16
Unmarked Trail N330-3

Benjamin Moore
Penthouse CSP-35
Grant Beige HC-83

Useful Gray SW 7050
Sedated Gray SW 6169

Farrow & Ball
Shaded White 201
Skimming Stone 241

Storm’s Coming 1008-2
Dusty Bunny 1000-1

Villa Grey 6005-1B
Secluded Beach V146-1

Papyrus Paper 50YY 65/071
White Sage 60YY 65/082

You can bring that custom color code in to your local paint store to get a sample mixed to test it in your home. What other pieces should we color match in our home? If you didn’t see your favorite paint brand color match listed above, let us know and we’ll help you find it.  Stay tuned for more in this series. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day. Keep up with us daily on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & TikTok. Stay Cozy!


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