Updated: February 26, 2024

In our new series “Antique Paint Colors – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Paint Color” we are taking our love and appreciation for antiques and vintage items in our home here on the farm, sharing the colors closest to those pieces to hopefully inspire your next space. While these are pulled and matched off antique pieces, I can see these colors playing a major role not only on furniture, but walls, trim, and cabinets. This week comes from a request to color match this cute little green apothecary we recently picked up while antiquing a few weeks ago. Its small stature and drawers galore (which I always love) fits perfectly in a small nook to help keep things tucked away and organized, while also paying homage to our love of vintage. This color has me initially thinking a mint green, but one you pull the colors, and we did it from three different spots, you see it does lean more green than mint.

Here are the closest established colors from the major paint brands we all use and love. Some designers rely heavily on the Pantone color library, so to start off the list here are the closest colors in Pantone FHI:

Pantone FHI

Oil Green : 17-0115 TPG
Seagrass : 16-6008 TPG

For the people who aren’t scared of a tray, paint roller, and optional drop cloth… here are the closest colors from our the more popular nationwide paint manufactures:

Sherwin Williams

Artichoke : SW6179
Dried Thyme : SW 6186


Aloe Thorn : PPU10-17
Hillside Green : PPU11-17

Benjamin Moore

Secret Path : CSP800
Adirondack Green : 453


Walkstone Moss : 10GY 26/112
Main Street U.S.A : 30GY 30/100


Shebang : PPG1127-24
Smoke Sage : PPG11-24


Epic Green : T619
Cottage Lattice Green : 5003-2A

Farrow & Ball

Card Room Green : 79
Castle Gray : 92

Lastly, we love being a resource for all the things.  If you are looking for something outside of paint, here are the HEX codes and RGB codes that pulled closest to The Little Green Apothecary:

HEX Code: #7f8a73
RGB: 127, 138, 115

I really hope you are enjoying this little sub series of paint colors pulled from vintage and antique items we currently own. With all the different pant colors, chips, sheens, and mixes out there, this is a great way to find some new colors that you may have not known about… something that may lead to your next DIY project, or in our case with the Mora clock color, an entire kitchen cabinet repaint. You may find that perfect color right from here, if not you can customize further by telling the paint professional you’d like to see itkThank you again for stopping by the blog today and every other day it truly means the world to us here on the farm! Keep up with us daily on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, & Pinterest. Thank you again & stay cozy!


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