DIY Faux Floral with Faux Water Centerpiece – Plus 30+ Faux Floral Centerpieces Updated for 2024

Updated: July 11, 2024

One of my favorite cozy methods when using faux stems is to add water into the vase if I am using a clear vase. It just adds that finishing touch to make your florals look real, WELL lately I’ve been browsing the internet for faux floral arrangements made by experts [I am not one of those] & I just love the arrangements with that faux hard water in the bottom. Well, I have found some I love, but they were $400+ & that inspired me to make my own & I discovered that it’s SO EASY. There are many methods you can use to make them that I listed below, but I just bought a kit from the craft store & I linked the kits below for you as well so you can choose your method:

Here is my first attempt at it. Not bad!!! I want to try a lot more & go a little bigger, grander, & just get more creative with it.

A few notes:

-I wish I would have done a smaller container with the amount they gave. I would love more “water” at the bottom, but I wasn’t sure how much the kit would make.

-Next time I would probably just get a big resin bottle kit so I could fill it up as much as I want.

-The water kit gave me a long time to play with the Arrangment which was nice!

-I love this diy & would do it again & again & again. It’s so fun!


I used the acrylic water kit from hobby lobby [which is like the kits shared below] so I followed those instructions on the box which you can see in my Instagram [HERE].

in my reel I made about it. It was super simple, but I made the mixture

Methods You can use (products linked all below):

-Use clear Elmers glue & rocks at the bottom of your vase. You simply arrange the florals in the vase filled with the clear elmers glue & use the rocks to hold your florals up.

-Use a faux water kit like we did found here. Super easy to use & dries in a day! Linked some here in DIY board.

-Use clear resin kits that can be found in craft stores & linked some [HERE] in my diy board.

-You can also just use real water & then your stems are not stuck in the vase if you want to change it up!

-You can also buy a pre-made one as seen below in the 30+ faux floral arrangements I gathered for you around the internet:


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